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Victorian Flakies

Victorian Flakies

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Flakies are sold in 3g jars - by volume

*These are pure chrome flakes and are not mixed into clear dip powder


The chrome flakes can be sprinkled on and encapsulated, as more of a topper.
For best results:
•Apply over a dark color (Phantom was used in our stock photos)
•After activating your dip powder, apply a layer of no wipe/ tack free gel (our 2-in-1 Gel Base and Top Coat works great for this) - cure for 30 seconds.
•Apply flakes over the gel, using the pad of your finger or a chrome applicator. Rub in until you get your desired chrome results (add more as desired)
•Cure for 30 additional seconds and dust off any excess/ loose pieces
•Apply final layer of gel top coat or our 2-in1 gel and cure for 60 seconds


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