Peel Base Instructions

Peel Base

Peel base is an amazing product for nail enthusiasts that want to switch up their manicures often. It allows you to remove the dip powder by simply popping it off! This product is not meant for longevity and wear time may vary. On average, a manicure with peel base can last between 1-7 days. Peel base is a wonderful alternative to soaking off dip powder with acetone. The more layers of peel base you apply, the sooner the nail enhancement will lift. For better wear time, avoid getting the peel base on your skin and side walls. This product can be used on top of your natural nails, clear dip powder, and even builder gel. All it needs is a smooth surface!

Peel Base Application

 Step 1: File nails to desired length and shape.

Step 2: Push back and remove any cuticle on the nail plate.

Step 3: Cleanse the nails with rubbing alcohol or dehydrator (optional).

Step 4: Apply a thin layer of peel base on the nail. For longer wear time, avoid getting the product on your cuticle.

Step 5: Let the peel base dry thoroughly (between 3-5 minutes).

*tip - once the peel base is dry, apply a layer of dip powder base liquid and let it dry. This gives an even surface for the dip powder application.

Step 6: Begin normal dip powder application on top.


Peel Base Removal

Step 1: File the free edges and sidewalls of your manicure.

Step 2: Place a cuticle tool or orange stick under a lifted edge and gently lift the nail enhancement. Do not pry, if you feel resistance simply file around the edges more until you see lifting.

Step 3: Pop off the dip powder.

Step 4: Prep your nails and you are ready for your next manicure!