Nail Tip Application

Step 1: Prep the nails by pushing back cuticles, gently buffing the surface and filing the edges. Cleanse with an alcohol wipe to remove any remaining debris on the nail’s surface.

Step 2: Find the right fit! Match the correct sized tip with each of your nails. Lay them out in order for a quicker application.

Step 3: Apply enough 6-in-1 Nail Glue Gel to the inside of the nail tip to cover the surface of your nail.

Step 4: Press tip onto the surface of the nail, applying enough pressure to allow it to fully cover the nail. Cure for 60 seconds while you are applying pressure. Repeat for each nail.

Step 5: After applying: Gently file the tips, if needed.

Step 6: Apply your favorite dip powder, gel or nail polish as normal!